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Home Cooking and Restaurants

Zeracryl lactic acid  is suitable for treatment of  :

  • Frozen par fried potato products
  • Cutted raw potato sticks

Recipe to be delivered together With the Zeracryl Product package. ( Picture )

You may prepare French Fries either by frying in oil or baked in oven.

Industrial Use – French Fries Factories

Zeracryl lactic acid  is suitable for treatment of  :

  • Cutted raw potato sticks / other raw potato products
  • Lactic Acid added in the Production process line before frying

Advantages by using Zeracryl lactic acid for all market segments :

  • Zeracryl is proved to be the most efficient tool removing acrylamide in fried potato products
  • Best quality – protecting your kids
  • Securing the lowest level of acrylamide in French Fries possible
  • Securing compliance to EU’s  new stricter regulations implemented April 2018


Inquiries  and Purchase Orders can be sent to : , or contact Harald Reigstad at +47 92024292

Product package solution for home cooking ; Price and ordering on our homepage will be ready by end of June 2018.


Our bottle Products are both inexpensive and easy to process. Daily cost according to User Manual will be a daily cost of 22 NOK

Prices inclusive transport domestic :  0,35 L : 44 NOK,   5 L : 550 NOK

Minimum Order :  4 bottles each item.

Delivery Time : 5 days from receipt of Order.

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Research Acrylamide : Consumption of French Fries has a potential risk to your health. Look for French Fries with the lowest level of acrylamide.

For Norwegian Readers : Vedlagt artikkel fra Matportalen forteller om risiko ved konsum av akrylamid i mat. Akrylamid i mat kan forårsake kreft – Acrylamide in food might increase risk of cancer For English Readers : Fried potato consumption is associated with health risk due to acrylamide Zeracryl AS is offerening the best solution for the industry and HORECA segment, giving the lowest level of acrylamide in French Fries available in the market.    ...

Belgian Restaurants frustrated of EU’s stricter acrylamide and frying regulation French Fries

For Norwegian Readers, article from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet : For English Readers, article from Guardian  : With use of lactic acid or lactic acid bacteria, Zeracryl AS can solve  the Belgium restaurants concern and problems. HORECA companies in Europe can use the exact same procedure, fry twice , with the same frying temperature they are used to achieving the same crispy fries in their final Product and the lowest level of acrylamide achievable....

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