By use of  Zeracryl and Zerabac we are offering a safe solution for the consumers.

The most cost-effective efficient way to reduce acrylamide in fried food

The Zeracryl method is adaptable to all fried potato products. Our solution is especially useful when potato reach a high level of sugar content. Zeracryl recommends to maximize mitigation of acrylamide by always using the Zeracryl methods.

The Zeracryl process mitigate acrylamide of fried potato products by use of our product Zerabac and Zeracid.

Zeracryl recommend French fries manufacturers and restaurants to achieve acrylamide levels as low as possible, i.e. 200 and 100 ppb  in accordance with the figure.


  • Our lactic acid bacteria is well documented through years of testing.
  • Certified according to standard.
  • Genome sequenced.
  • Accepted for food processing use.
  • Huge production capacity through agreement with a major partner.


  • Our mixed food acid has an unique formula.
  • Well documented through years of testing.
  • Accepted for food processing use.